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It’s time property became personal. Dema Salehi and Raphael Fitoussi-Findlay created The Private Realtor with the promise of delivering a premium one to one service to your door and beyond.  

Becoming increasingly frustrated at the inability to provide a truly personal service in their past positions, Raphael and Dema embarked on a mission to bring continuity and accountability to real estate.

In standard agencies the most experienced member of the team undertakes the valuations then delegates viewings to numerous, less experienced negotiators, rarely doing any viewings themselves, which is arguably the most important part of the sales process.

Miscommunications easily arise when multiple players are involved and often the main focus is on new instructions, not selling current stock. 

The Private Realtor promises to match just One Realtor of the highest caliber to all individual properties focussing on your sale or let alone. This is why Dema and Raphael take on a select number of properties at any one time, ensuring an impeccable service with unbeatable results. Our offering is exclusive, around the clock, perfectly tailored to your specific needs and spans the entire process. Your personal Realtor orchestrates all viewings and negotiations whilst offering direct, unbiased and utterly honest feedback leading to an accelerated sale or let and the most profitable outcome.

A long term, tailored approach to relationships is at the forefront of the business offering support and advice throughout your property journey, whether that includes residential, commercial, development or more. 

You now have just one contact for all, Your Private Realtor.

Raphael Fitoussi-Findlay, co-founder, The Private Realtor

Raphael Fitoussi-Findlay

CO-Founder & Private Realtor

Raphael’s hard work and passion resonates throughout all his deals from start to finish, initial interest to completion and beyond, becoming many High Net Worth Individual’s first point of contact for residential sales and investment for years.

With over 15 years experience in Prime Central London and personal involvement in more than £500M worth of property transactions. Raphael’s extensive experience of complex, high end sales and his straight forward and honest negotiation tact is what has enabled him to push through extraordinary challenging deals which otherwise would have failed.

Having worked for some of London’s top names, Raphael has built an outstanding reputation with both his clients and his colleagues creating an impressive collective of professionals and contacts all over London and the world.

Dema Salehi co-Founder The Private Realtor

Dema Salehi

CO-Founder & Private Realtor

Dema’s enthusiasm and tenacity along with her unparalleled regard for each client has been a driving force in achieving astounding results.

With a wealth of over 16 years in sales focused largely in Prime Central London, Australia and the Middle East, her personal involvement has been pivotal for over £400M worth of seamless transactions.

A warm, genuine honest persona with remarkable attention to detail has drawn Families, Investors and High Net Worth Individuals to her for the Sale and Acquisition of dream homes and also, well thought out Investments.

Dema not only an infallible ally to her clients but also well known by the top buying agents and market professionals within the industry, gaining her an impressive black book of contacts and a loyal clientele both locally and international.

Effortlessly, she becomes the first point of contact for everyone she works with.


I cannot praise Dema enough! Her work ethic is truly remarkable. She is very attentive to her clients’ requirements, is always contactable, works swiftly & efficiently and no issue is too big to handle; “leave it with me” is probably her motto. I totally recommend Dema as your next realtor and there’s no doubt you will be pleased by her kindness and her commendable professionalism.

Ms Oliver

We have worked with Raphael for many years now, both buying and selling Real Estate from him in Central London. We have found that not only is he professional, and prompt with all his dealings, but he is also very thorough. There is nothing he doesn’t think of when he is representing you as a Buyer, and you truly do feel well represented in any purchase. Then on the Selling side, he has helped us to think out side the box to maximum profits in past Sales. He is easy to work with, we always found him readily available and responsive and we have no hesitation recommending him to anyone in the Real Estate field. We will also continue to work with him for years to come as he is now our “Go to” Real Estate Broker.

Ms Chapman

I am delighted to give a five-star rating to Dema Salehi, who with her delightful personality and great willingness to look after clients on both sides, was an absolute joy to work with. I have bought and sold properties in Central London for 50 years, and never had such an easy, trouble-free experience as this one- largely thanks to Dema.

Mr Morgan

Can't recommend Raphael highly enough. We had our house on the market with a well-regarded local agent, but couldn't get it sold. We were told the branch manager would deal personally with our sale - after which we saw no one but a succession of junior agents. Communication was poor and we received no guidance on the best way to deal with the few offers they did manage to generate - and they all fell through. We switched to Raphael after three months and the difference was immediate - he oversaw all the photography and marketing and handled every viewing himself. He was always available to answer questions and provided honest advice at every step of the way. We were under offer about a month after signing up with Raphael - and that was during August, traditionally a very quiet time of the year. Raphael has been on hand at every stage from offer to exchange of contracts, making sure that communication between us and our buyers was clear and constructive. A brilliant and innovative service, and the way all estate agents should be!

Rachael Dunlop

Wow! My house had been on the market for two months with a reputable high street agent. I’d had two sales fall through. It felt as though the due diligence hadn’t been done each time. I called Raphael and immediately I could see a completely different approach. Raphael handled everything in person. This was a complete change to having to show different junior agents around my home usually 2 minutes before a viewing!! Raphael was here for the photographs, every viewing and took time to understand what I needed. Within one week we had had a number of viewings and offers above asking price and a sale. I’m certain this is because Raphael worked hard to ensure each viewer was committed to buying. I can’t imagine ever using any other agent to sell a property and would highly recommend! Thank you Raphael for turning this around! You really are the best.

Nazia Tingay

From day one till the end, Dema was there for us to help us with the sale of our home. Words cannot describe what Dema did for us. Her patience, her genuine care, the way she handled pressure and problems. She was just simply amazing! Dema, THANK YOU so much for everything you have done for us. You literally took the bull by the horns. You are a gutsy lady to be admired. Nothing is too much for you!

Mr Constantine

Dema is an absolute tour de force, and simply outstanding! I have found Dema’s professionalism, and expertise, to be second-to-none. Dema made a conscientious effort to understand my requirements from the outset and was then relentless in identifying all available properties that suited my requirements. Communication has been impeccable throughout. Dema is an outstanding example of excellence within the industry.

Mr Mallick

After many months of trying to sell my house Dema achieved a successful sale in a matter of weeks. Great service, always available and responsive, and importantly 'sold' the house, not just showed it. Highly recommended, thank you.

Clive Lord

Working on multiple property deals throughout the year with complex needs I didn't realise how much time I could free up until I met Dema. She really did take a whole weight off of my hands, even enabling me to introduce new properties to my portfolio that I never would have had the capacity to take on without her diligent care.

Ms Atkins


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